Farrelly Building Services


Since 1995 FBS intelligent Engineering (iE) Ltd has provided a diverse portfolio of mechanical and electrical services to the construction industry. We build, service, design and maintain across the whole life of many types of buildings and infrastructures, such as health care, schools, offices, retail units and leisure.

Our common purpose throughout the business is to provide a world class service, offering innovative and creative solutions to enhance the reputation and profitability of our client, the organisation and our employees.

Our continual and lifelong training programme has paid a divided for our clients and employees in terms of new skills and better graded pay and a harmonious balance between their working and personal lives.


FBS intelligent Engineering (iE) Ltd is no ordinary building services provider. Our commitment to service and quality is fuelled by much more than just a passion for fulfilling the business objectives of our clients.

As a company we also value the importance of job satisfaction and of rewarding outstanding effort. FBS intelligent Engineering (iE) Ltd team will engage with your project enthusiastically, in the knowledge that exceeding your expectations is a mutually-satisfying outcome.

We also take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, adhere to strict standards of health and safety, and are justifiably proud of our reputation for being an outstanding employer.

Based in the West Midlands, FBS intelligent Engineering (iE) Ltd enjoys the breadth of experience and technical capability to operate across virtually all market sectors, and throughout the UK.


We recognise that people are our biggest asset; we’re proud to say that our team features some of the best talent in the industry, as well as some of the happiest employees.

All our Project Managers benefit from broad knowledge of the retail and commercial sectors, with a wealth of experience to contribute to each project. And team skills are constantly updated with regular training and knowledge-sharing sessions.

But there’s more to a good team member than skills and an outstanding work ethic. We also believe in maintaining a good ‘work-life balance’ and encourage each other and our customers to make this a primary goal.