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Using our proven partnership approach, FBS intelligent Engineering (iE) Ltd works predominantly in the commercial and industrial sectors, enjoying outstanding business relationships with an impressive group of blue chip clients across the country.

Case studies


ASDA Gosforth

This project included new mechanical services to the sales floor, the Deli, the Bakery, new customer Restaurant, new customer toilets, main sales floor air handling units, Pharmacy, Photoshop and the first aid room.

The works within the new customer Restaurant included air conditioning, general ventilation and kitchen ventilation systems. The main sales floor area was conditioned via four roof mounted gas-fired Lennox Air Handling Units, complete with new ductwork distribution system thermally insulated using the latest insulating methods. The new systems were controlled by a building management system provided by BAS Controls. The works within the Deli and Bakery area included new public services, ventilation, hot cold and gas installation.

The existing systems had to be fully removed whilst the store was operating which took detailed co-ordination and planning with the Store Manager.


Longcross Court

Farrelly Building Services successfully tendered for the mechanical and electrical services to a 5 floor multi-occupancy office complex refurbishment.

The refurbishment included removal of all existing heating, cooling, lighting and power, with a phased installation of new systems that would not affect the day to day operation of the building occupants. The brief from WS Atkins was to provide building service systems that were environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and economic to run. Within the design and engineering wings of the building, the M&E designer CB Richard Ellis were commissioned to design the services to give an “industrial” appearance which required a high level of co-ordination of both the design and installations to give a precise and pristine look. Exposed V.R.F fan coils, ductwork and warehouse type light fittings provided the style that our client was looking for to the extent they instructed a further wing of the building to be developed similarly.

Aligned to this “industrial” look there was a sophisticated level of control of the lighting and air conditioning systems. The fan coils connected to a range of Sanyo Gas Fired Condensers, ensuring the most cost effective energy usage. During the course of the project Sanyo developed an Energy Monitoring Control System that enabled the Building Manager to determine the energy usage down to individual fan coil units.


Hilton Hotels, Olympia

We carried out the strip out of existing fan coil units and replaced with new to phases 2 & 3. Phase 1 refurbishment of existing fan coil units.

Phase 1 included the upgrade of the BMS Control package.

Throughout the project the hotel stayed fully operational, we worked together with management to ensure minimum disruption to the hotel.


RAF High Wycombe

Farrelly have a framework agreement with Interserve/PriDE carrying out work on various MoD/Defense projects, the 8NO.

Cooling towers which are on going and have to be replaced two at a time have to be decommissioned and installed one at a time without any cause an effect to the operations of the existing air condition that serves the main bunker.

These projects are meticulously programmed and engineered with an emphasis on health and safety and non-destruction to the military base.


LUL High Barnet

This project at High Barnet for London Underground included new electrical and mechanical services to a newly built train crew accommodation building, including restaurant, kitchen, mess areas, train managers offices, toilets and shower areas.

Installation of mechanical and electrical services included ventilation, DX fridge VRF systems, LPHW heating system, domestic hot and cold water systems, sanitary ware, public health, power and lighting, CCTV, data, fire alarm, intruder alarm and disabled alarms.


DfE, Temple Quay, Rivergate

FBS were employed by Interserve to undertake the removal and replacement of 2 number waterside chillers located on the roof of Rivergate House, we installed 23 E Series Mitsubishi Chillers,  to Rivergate and Temple Quay. The new chillers are state of the art technology allowing self regulating and balancing.

The chiller installation involved 2 road closures over the weekend during the programme.

During the installation FBS had to ensure that there was no disruption to the clients day to day business and all power and isolations were carried out of normal business hours.


Hilton Hotels

FBS were engaged by Hilton Hotels (Maple Hotels) to install new VRF Air Conditions to 480 bedrooms across the three hotels, Bristol, Newbury and Southampton.
The work was carried our in phases of 3 weeks at a time. Each phase included 80 bedrooms divided over the three hotels, the hotel remained open during this work.

The installation included the manufacture of a new ceiling within the lobby of the bedroom, creating a bulkhead to house the Fan Coil Unit. The condensers were mounted outside at the rear of the hotel. New power supplies and distribution boards, lighting and access doors. 


Hyde Park Barracks

Replacing the existing Supply and Extract Ventilation Systems at Hyde Park to the Offices Mess Kitchen, NCO’s Kitchen, Junior Ranks Kitchen.

The works include variable speed drive fans, tempered air heater batteries, kitchen canopies and other associated equipment, including Fire Alarm modifications and Electrical Modifications.

FBS also carried out the replacement of fire doors and all decoration/removal works required with the associated works.


OAB, Whitehall

Farrelly Building Services Ltd completed various engineering tasks over the past 3 years:

  • LTHW modifications
  • Pipework modifications and replacement
  • Installation of isolation valves to each riser
  • AAV installations
  • Trend IQ4 outstations installed
  • Gas detection system to basement level
  • 2018-19
  • Fire alarm
  • Emergency Lighting
  • 2020
  • Internal moat aspiration fire alarm
  • Drainage repair to Horse Guard Parade
  • Picture5

    Keogh Barracks

    2 phase district heating replacement Phase 1

  • installation of temporary boilers, soft dig of trenches, replacement with pre-insulated pipework.
  • Backfilling and making good to trenches inc. replacement roadplates
  • All civil engineering inc. road crossings inc. within work package
  • Phase 2
  • Strip out of boiler house
  • Form concrete slab and block foundation for valves and pipe supports
  • Structural steel supports for pipe bridges and tower
  • Installation of primary district heating F&R, isolation valves
  • Recommission MTHW boilers
  • Defra,_Nobel_House,_Smith_Square

    Noble House

  • Removal of existing systems
  • Flushing of existing heating system and sample
  • Installed chiller water systems VRF
  • Electrical installations
  • CRAC unit installation
  • BMS modifications
  • usairforce

    USAF – UK

    • RAF Croughton District heating repairs
    • RAF Menwith Hill
      • Replacement of air compressors
      • AHU validation
    • RAF Welford Compressor replacements
    • RAF Fylingdales AHU repairs