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Farrelly picks up award for Diversity in the Workplace

Farrelly Building Services Ltd have recently been awarded Diversity in the Workplace awarded by the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Investors in People.

This award endorses the fact that Farrelly Facilities & Engineering is continuously promoting innovative and progressive approaches to increasing diversity throughout the workplace.

“We employ a wide range of staff, from school-leavers just starting apprenticeships, to highly experienced and knowledgeable managers.

We believe that the key to long term success is to offer a life long learning programme to all employees, this can range from the most basic computer skills through to university qualifications.

This has definitely helped us stand out. We offer training to every employee who asks for help in a certain area. That gives a real sense of empowerment that we have found leads to the highest quality of work for everyone.

We work as a team but I believe the approach makes each of us more
dynamic and responsible.” – Zoe Bradley, Farrelly Facilities & Engineering Ltd


Parents at Work Award for Innovation

Farrelly (M&E) Building Services Limited Ltd have recently become winners for Employer of the Year award, and we are absolutely delighted to be recognised as a family friendly organisation, as people are the most important part of our organisation. We were up against organisation such as BP and Scottish Legal Aid Board.

For more information about Farrelly Facilities and how they are working with the NSPCC to improve work/parenting lifestyles please view the ‘Getting it Right’ PDF document (1.6MB) . You will require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader download to view this file.

You can also view the ‘Employers of Work-Life Balance’ Case Study for Farrelly Facilities as a PDF document (100K). Work-life balance benefits organisations, individuals and the UK as a whole. When people have a measure of control over when, where and how they work, they enjoy a better quality of life. Organisations benefit through increased productivity, lower overheads and satisfied customers. You will require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader download to view this file.