Farrelly Building Services

Quality Policy Statement

FBS Intelligent Engineering (iE) Ltd are a specialist provider of services involving the provision of the design, installation, service and maintenance of building mechanical and electrical services. We serve a range of clients in the central and civil government, hospitality and education sectors, and specialise in new build, major refurbishment and maintenance contracts.

For the delivery of a quality service, we are committed:

  • to satisfy applicable requirements, including the needs and expectations of all our interested parties,
  • working with employees, suppliers and customers to establish and maintain the highest quality
    standards, and
  • to the continual improvement our quality performance and quality management system.

We have an established quality management, to deliver the above commitments, and maintain with the
objective to:

  1. Assess our business threats and opportunities and put in place a management system to reduce these risks and to deliver the strategic direction of the organisation.
  2. Understand our compliance obligations and implement their requirements.
  3. Plan for business interruption events and ensure adequate arrangements for business continuity should the interruption events occur.
  4. Provide training, instruction and supervision to ensure employees are competent to perform their work to our quality standards.
  5. Provide and maintain fit for purpose working environments and working equipment.
  6. Ensure that where we outsource activities to suppliers and sub-contractors that they are capable and competent to provide the service for which they are engaged, and that they are monitored.
  7. Ensure that our services are adequately planned and controlled.
  8. Reviewing the performance and effectiveness of the Quality Management  System.
  9. Delivery of continual improvement through improvement plans and control of non-conformity.

We have established quality objectives to achieve the above commitments which are regularly monitored by the management team.

We communicate our quality policy to all interested parties. This policy is displayed on company premises, presented at new employee induction, displayed in any fixed construction sites under our control, and made available upon request from interested parties.

We review the effectiveness and adequacy of this quality policy on an annual basis and as part of change planning, lessons learnt, knowledge transfer or following a quality non-conformity or other failure to meet our quality objectives.

As the individual with ultimate responsibility for quality at FBS Intelligent Engineering (iE) Ltd, I approve this Quality Policy.

Gerry Farrelly (Managing Director) 

09th March 2022